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Discover insights on search volume, CPC, competition, and more related to your niche or keyword. Optimize your print-on-demand business with our comprehensive tool. Stay ahead and maximize success.

Amazon Search Volume

Tap into exclusive Amazon search volume data. Optimize your listings accordingly and witness exponential organic sales growth. Unlock data-driven success for your print-on-demand business.

Analyze The Competition

Analyze the competition, identify their strategies, and learn how to outperform them. Stay one step ahead in the print-on-demand industry with our comprehensive analysis tools.

Keywords for Organic Sales

Best-selling products often gain their status due to being early adopters, rather than being optimized for algorithms or advertising. This is your chance to stand out by implementing an optimized listing or advertising strategy. Take advantage of this opportunity to establish your product and surpass the competition.

Boost Sales with Optimized Listing


Uncover the Best Keywords

Achieve Top Organic Rankings with Powerful Keywords

Discover keywords with high search volume

Optimize your listings to rank ahead of competitors

AMAZON SEARCH VOLUME, for comprehensive insights

Identify trends and seasonal patterns based on search volumes

All marketplaces, including COM, UK, DE, FR, ES, and IT

Utilize advanced filter options to refine your search

Best available keyword data for Merch By Amazon


Connect Business & Data

Your Business with an All-in-One Keyword Table

Customize columns to display only the data you need

Access Google trend data with a 5-year trend

Amazon trend data to stay ahead of the competition

Evaluate competitiveness with a comprehensive score

Evaluate the Amazon Ad-Potential with a score

Determine organic ranking potential for strategic planning

Explore niche revenue to identify opportunities

Export data as an Excel sheet for further analysis


Fresh Ideas Needed?

Explore Multiple Sources for New Keyword Ideas

Related Tags for Print-On-Demand & Clothing

Amazon Suggestions for the most searched keywords

Google Suggestions for new keyword possibilities

Extract short-tail keywords for broad optimization

Extract long-tail keywords for precise targeting

Boost your rankings with specialized keywords

View number of products on Amazon for each keyword


Spy On Your Competitors

Gain Insights in the Competitors Products

Evaluate the Organic Potential

Analyze revenue and sales data of the niche

Access detailed information of competitors products

Copy Competitors ASINs, titles, and more

Identify the best ranking products in the market

Assess the competition from FBA sellers

Check the sales performance of the competition

Export data as an Excel sheet for in-depth analysis

Keyword Tools for Experts

Empowering Professionals with Advanced Tooling

Generate tags with a single click

Extract short-tail and long-tail keywords

KW Workbench for formatting, filtering, and editing

Prepare keywords for ad-campaigns using the KW Workbench

Copy keywords into the KW Board for collection

Create your custom keyword lists (Save Your Digital Gold)

Keywords for Your Ad-Campaign Success

Experience a game-changing shift in your advertising campaigns. Unlock the power of optimized keywords and make your campaigns profitability. Don't miss out on the success you deserve – supercharge your advertising efforts and watch your business soar to new heights.

Boost Sales with Optimized Listing

Keywords for Amazon Ad-Campaigns

Best Ad Performance with Targeted Keywords

Product-specific keywords for Ad-Campaigns

Amazon search volume

Explore customer interest over time

Analyze the individual keyword trend history

Amazon CPC (Cost-Per-Click)

Amazon Ads CMP (Competition)

View Ad Potential for informed decisions

Copy keywords to your Advertisement Console

Strategic Ad Campaigns

Organic Rankings with Focused Amazon Ads

Determine ad requirements for achieving organic ranking

Evaluate advertisement competition for your strategy

Optimize ad campaigns for targeted ranking establishment

View sales needed over time for organic ranking

Estimate expected sales results for desired rank claims

Gain insights into the total revenue of the niche

Explore monthly sales data for keyword rankings

Manage Your Sponsored Ads

Simplify Ad Keyword Management in One Place

Manage your ad-lists in a single place

Assign dates and receive notifications for upcoming campaigns

Manage product-specific keyword lists

Add negative keywords to refine your targeting

Include competitor ASIN lists for your ads

Highlight active campaigns for quick visibility

What's Your Amazon Ad Potential?

Case Study: Elevating Amazon Ad-Campaign Performance from the First Half of 2022 to the First Half of 2023

Through Ads Optimization:
Additional Ad Costs
Ad Sales
Costs Per Sale
And not just advertising: More sales through ads will naturally also push your organic sales through the better ranking.
Disclaimer: The sales figures presented here reflect the actual numbers achieved by our business. However, it is important to note that these results are specific to our unique circumstances and may not necessarily reflect the exact outcomes you might encounter. Various factors, including market timing, competition, and individual strategies, can significantly influence ad-performance.

Unleash Your True Merch By Amazon Potential

Do you know the incredible results you can achieve simply by refining your keyword strategy? Unlock untapped potential, boost your organic ranking, and watch your sales soar. Start maximizing your Merch By Amazon success today and uncover new heights with keyword optimization.

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