All-In-One Design Solution

Automate Uploads Across Multiple Platforms

With our comprehensive upload tool, streamline your print-on-demand journey. Create listings with advanced features, easily manage your designs with our design management system at one place.

Automate your uploads to a variety of platforms including Merch by Amazon and many others. Save time, increase efficiency, and expand your reach with our all-in-one upload solution.

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Design Management

Effortlessly manage all your designs in one place. Upload, organize, and access your designs from any device. Gain visibility into your uploads and easily manage your entire design collection with ease.

Reuse Listings

Save time and maximize efficiency by reusing listings. Easily apply existing listings to new files or platforms, eliminating repetitive creation. Simplify your print-on-demand workflow for optimal productivity.

Automated Uploads

Save hundreds of hours with automated uploads. Upload listings to multiple platforms simultaneously, a task impossible to achieve manually. Freeing up valuable time for your print-on-demand business.

Professionalize Your Design Organization

Achieve print-on-demand success with centralized and elevated design organization. Streamline your workflow, maximize efficiency, and unlock your true potential. Professionalize your approach for seamless operations and quick access to designs. Elevate your print-on-demand business to new heights.

Inspired by Professionals

Manage Your Designs in One Place

Effortlessly organize, track, and optimize your designs

Access your designs from anywhere

You can utilize ALL the data from each design

Various filters, such as 'not uploaded' or 'listing' creation date

Manage your listings with tags, making them easy to find

Export design data with just one click

Import existing listings using XML files, Excel, or Productor exports

Supported .png, .jpg, .jpeg (images up to 15000x15000 pixels)

Perfect Filters & Options

Find and Use Your Old Designs with Ease

Filter by uploaded platforms, dates, image colors, and more

Exclude specific words or phrases from the search

Duplicate listings, or download images directly

Export listings as Excel sheets

Sort designs by color, upload date, and more

Begin uploading listings at any time

Copy listings from one design to another

And many more incredible features!


Statistics and Upload History

Explore Your Tag Usage and Upload History

Overview all the tags you have used

Compare your performance across different years

Track the platforms where you have uploaded your designs

Integrated Upload History for comprehensive tracking

Easily filter platforms that are "not uploaded"

Upload flags set by Flying Upload after each upload

Option to manually set upload flags as per your preference

Most Advanced Editing Tools

Perfectly Preview Your Merch By Amazon Products

Prepare your designs for ALL available platforms at once

Designed for bulk operations and seamless data transfer

Apply previously created data from your listing history

Advanced translation, translate all listings at once

Countless tagging options, pin your frequently used options

All MBA languages: EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, and JP

Powerful Undo/Redo feature, to undo mistakes once the happen

Verify listings for POD platform limitations to ensure compliance

Trademark Protection Made Easy

Integrated Trademarks Checks for Listings

TM Check: Ensure compliance with all trademarks

All offices: WIPO, EUIPO, US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES

Covering all relevant Nice classes for MBA

Add words to TM Watchlist with one click

TM Whitelist: Safeguard non-infringing words

Integrated word lists with 2800+ entries for Whitelist

TM Blacklist: add words RELEVANT for your trademarks

TM Blacklist: warnings in the Edit on detected word

TM Report: Check listings against new registrations

Automate Uploads for Multi-Platform Publishing

Upload listings to multiple platforms simultaneously, saving hundreds of hours in manual uploads. Our automation feature enables you to reach more platforms than ever before, all while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the convenience of automated publishing.

What is the POD Uploader?

The POD Uploader is a tool that automates the upload of your designs to Print On Demand sites like Merch By Amazon, Spreadshirt, and Redbubble. It makes managing multiple platforms much easier for you.

What is the KDP Uploader?

The KDP Uploader is a tool for Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). It automates the upload of your books and can even convert PNG files into book covers. It's a perfect solution for KDP authors.

What is the Stock Uploader?

Our newest tool, the Stock Uploader, helps you easily upload your designs and AI-generated images to stock platforms like Adobe Stock and Shutterstock. It simplifies the upload process for you.

Automate Your Uploads

All-in-One Upload Solution

Print-on-Demand, Kindle Direct Publishing, and Stock Images

Our upload tool handles all your needs, from print-on-demand platforms like Merch by Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing for books, to uploading art Stock Image websites like Adobe Stock and Shutterstock. Maximize your reach, monetize your creations, and tap into the potential of AI-generated art. One tool, limitless possibilities.

AI-Powered Listing Generator

Revolutionize Your Amazon Merch Listings with AI

Revolutionize your Merch by Amazon business with our cutting-edge, AI-driven listing generator. Powered by the advanced OpenAI ChatGPT v4 engine, we optimize every facet of your listing—from titles to keywords.

Save time and reduce expenses on costly virtual assistants for writing listings. Let our AI engine handle your listings from now on.

Why Settle for Manual Uploads?

Save Time and Effort with Automated Uploading

Why waste valuable hours of your life on manual uploads when you can automate the task? With our feature, effortlessly upload listings to multiple platforms simultaneously, saving precious time. Don't sacrifice your weekends - let automation handle it for you. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the convenience of automated uploading.

Unlock More Sales for Free

By uploading your designs to more platforms like Spreadshirt, Redbubble, and other similar platforms, you can unlock additional sales without requiring any extra time or effort. This allows you to generate more revenue almost effortlessly, maximizing your earning potential.

Disclaimer: The sales figures presented here are actual numbers achieved by our business. However, please note that these results are specific to our circumstances and may not be indicative of the exact outcomes you may experience. Factors such as design quality, market timing, and individual strategies can greatly influence your own sales performance.

Unknown Potential of AI-Generated Images

You have the opportunity to pioneer the new market of AI-generated images. Unlock the potential by uploading AI art to stock image platforms. The time is now to make your mark in this exciting realm of possibilities.

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  • TM Report (check all listings for TMs)
  • TM Whitelist (ignore selected TMs in checks)
  • TM Blacklist (prohibited specific words)
    Upload Automation
  • ... everything from free version
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Statistic of upload history